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Ashkenazy plays Chopin, Rachmaninov, Liszt, & Prokofiev


Ashkenazy plays Chopin, Rachmaninov, Liszt, & Prokofiev

Vladimir Ashkenazy

Catalogue Number: ALC 1381
Number of Discs: 1
Date/Runtime: Time 77:34 stereo 1961/2
Barcode: 5055354413810
Price (trade): £6.99

“Ashkenazy was in his early twenties when he set down these recordings …
It’s inevitable that this evinces youthful fire but it’s accompanied by a tempering rigorousness of mind and of execution … what emerges, is precisely that elevated marrying of technical accomplishment and intellectual control, devoid of flashy gestures … where poetic richness is required it’s channelled through an astute modernity. There is great clarity, no over-romanticism, pedalling is invariably astutely presented, and the rhythm is resilient.” (MusicWeb)

    Chopin: Etudes, Op.25 (1832-6) [31:47]
    [1] No.1 in A-flat major (Aeolian Harp/Shepherd Boy) 2:54
    [2] No.2 in F minor (The Bees) 1:45
    [3] No.3 in F major (The Horseman) 1:47
    [4] No.4 in A minor (Paganini) 1:28
    [5] No.5 in E minor (Wrong Note) 3:19
    [6] No.6 in G# minor (Thirds) 1:49
    [7] No.7 in C# minor (Cello) 5:24
    [8] No.8 in D-flat major (Double Sixths) 1:07
    [9] No.9 in G-flat major (Butterfly) 1:00
    [10] No.10 in B minor (Octaves) 4:30
    [11] No.11 in A minor (Winter Wind) 3:51
    [12] No.12 in C minor (Ocean) 2:47
    Rachmaninov: Variations ‘on a Theme of Corelli’, Op.42 (1931)
    [13] Theme followed by 20 variations, (Intermezzo between
    variations 13 and 14, and a Coda to finish) 16:03
    [14] Liszt: Mephisto Waltz No.1 (1859-62) 10:29
    [15] Lizst: Etude d’Execution transcendante
    No.5 in B flat ‘Feux Follets’ (Will ‘o the Wisp) (rev.1851) 3:23
    Prokofiev: Piano Sonata No.7 in B flat major, Op.83 (1943)
    [16] 1. Allegro inquieto – poco meno – andantino 7:16
    [17] II. Andante caloroso – poco piu animato –
    piu largamento – un poco agitato 5:20
    [18] III. Precipitato 3:05