The Northern Flowers label (produced and packaged to the highest standards) is now a little over 100 releases, but it contains so many ‘world premiere recordings’ and little-known composers that it’s influence for collectors of Russian music is so much greater.

(Until 2016 it has not been fully or regularly available in many territories, but this is changing now through the new worldwide agreement with ALTO UK)

The label is centred on the many Composers associated with St.Petersburg, the old Russian capital, and on friends and associates of some of the most famous ones, such as Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Stravinsky etc. Central themes and editions of the catalogue include famous complete editions of the Chamber Music of Taneyev and of Mysakovsky’s String Quartets, and of course of the major series developed more recently: ‘War-Time Music’ (18 volumes so far, with fascinating Composers such as Knipper,Weinberg, Mossolov, Popov, Kochurov, Polovinkin, Glière, Sherbakov and others. The series connects to the Siege of Leningrad (1941-4) and features archive photography from then, with many of the Composers inspired to write works then for ‘solidarity and patriotic’ reasons to encourage their fellow citizens.

Other Composers within different series include Petrov, Salmanov and many more delightful rarities. The Label today also works alongside important Russian ‘Composer Foundations’ such as those of Anatoly Lyadov, Boris Tchaikovsky and of course Boris Tishchenko, whose epic Fourth Symphony has just been released, (99117/8, conducted by Rozhdestvensky.)

“We would like to see our “Northern Flowers” project as belonging to the same line of cultural heritage as the original and influential Russian literary magazine of the same name, (edited by Delwig, Pushkin, Bryussov and with poems often set to music eg by Glinka), and we do hope that it will continue the best artistic traditions of this Northern capital.” (Yuri Serov). [Yuri Serov is the pianist and music producer/label founder son of the great Conductor Eduard Serov – who sadly died in September 2016.]


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