FEVER ! / Very Best of Peggy Lee


FEVER ! / Very Best of Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee

Catalogue Number: ALN 1907
Number of Discs: 1
Date/Runtime: 78:14, AAD 1946/58


“Most audience members doubtless empathised with Leonard Feather’s remark ‘If you don’t feel a thrill when Peggy Lee sings, you’re dead, Jack’ Perhaps her most popular LP of all was The Man I Love in July 1957 after her move back to Capitol: conducted by Frank Sinatra it was guaranteed to jump off the shelves (indeed she has been described as the female equivalent of Sinatra; and her effortlessly unpretentious style resembles his and is much imitated by contemporary female stars). This album included such gems as The Folks Who Live On The Hill, Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe, That’s All, Please Be Kind.” (J.Murray)

  • [1] Fever (Blackwell/Cooley/Lee) with Orchestra. Rec.1958
  • [2] Lover (Rodgers/Hart) with Gordon Jenkins & Orchestra. Rec.1952
  • [3] The Folks Who Live On The Hill** (Kern/Hammerstein II) 1957
  • [4] The Man I Love** (G. & I. Gershwin) Rec.1957
  • [5] Baubles, Bangles & Beads (Wright/Forrest) Victor Young (1953)
  • [6] He’s A Tramp (Burke/Lee) with Sy Oliver Orchestra. Rec.1955
  • [7] The Siamese Cat Song (Burke/Lee) with Sy Oliver Orchestra 1955
  • [8] Manana (Barbour/Lee) with Dave Barbour’s Brazilians. Rec.1947
  • [9] Black Coffee (Burke/Webster) with Orchestra. Rec.1953
  • [10] Mr. Wonderful* (Bock/Holofcener/Weiss) Rec.1956
  • [11] Johnny Guitar (Lee/Young) with Victor Young & Orchestra 1954
  • [12] Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe** ( Arlen/Harburg). Rec.1957
  • [13] Please Be Kind** (Chaplin/Cahn) Rec.1957
  • [14] My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Porter) with Orchestra. Rec.1953
  • [15] Love Me Or Leave Me (Donaldson.Kahn) with Orchestra. Rec.1953
  • [16] Don’t Smoke In Bed (Robison/Barbour/Lee) with Orchestra..1947
  • [17] There Is No Greater Love** (Jones/Symes). Rec.1957
  • [18] There’s A Small Hotel* (Rodgers/Hart) Rec.1956
  • [19] When the World Was Young (Bloch/Vannier/Mercer) + 1953
  • [20] Sing A Rainbow (Hamilton) with Hal Mooney Orchestra. Rec.1955
  • [21] ’Deed I Do (Hirsch/Rose) with Dave Barbour Orchestra. Rec.1947
  • [22] What’s New (Haggart/Burke) with Orchestra. Rec.1956
  • [23] Let Me Go Lover (Hill/Carson) with Gordon Jenkins Orchestra.1954
  • [24] That’s All** (Haymes/Brandt) Rec.1957
  • [25] Bye, Bye Blackbird (Dixon/Henderson) Hal Mooney & Orch. 1955
  • [24] Our Hour (Livingston/Hoffman) Rec.1947

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