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“Things are even better with the second Rasumovsky. The cello line is coiled and dynamic and they take a persuasive tempo in the slow movement. In fact they always did, even in 1960 when their tonal resources were on the wane but their sense of emotive warmth was barely compromised. The scherzo is daintily phrased and the finale sports a fine pomposo gait, with both Roisman and second violin Alexander Schneider blending together with great élan. The Op.130 quartet sounds rather more immediate than Op.59 No.2 even though it as recorded somewhat earlier.” (MusicWeb June 2018)

1-4 String Quartet E Minor, Op.59/2 (Razumovsky)

i Alegro
ii Molto adagio
iii Allegretto
iv Finale: Presto

5-10 String Quartet No. 13 in Bb major, Op.130

i Adagio ma non troppo – Allegro
ii Presto
iii Andante con moto ma non troppo
iv Alla danza tedseca: Allegro assai
v Cavatina: Adagio molto espressivo
vi Finale: Allegro

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