Wartime Songs – Wartime Music Vol.17


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Wartime Songs (1941-1945)

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St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra

Alexander Titov, conductor

Smolny Cathedral Choir

Boris Pinkhasovich, baritone

Mikhail Lukonin, baritone

Boris Stepanov, tenor

Olga Kondina, soprano

Vitaly Psaryov, baritone

Sergey Muravyov, tenor

Katyusha (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Boris Pinkhasovich – 2:20

In a Frontline Forest (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Mikhail Lukonin – 3:25

The Nightingales (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Boris Stepanov – 4:21

Gunner’s March (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Boris Pinkhasovich – 1:53

The Small Light (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Olga Kondina – 5:07

Song of the Defenders of Moscow (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Vitaly Psaryov – 2:55

My Love (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Sergey Muravyov – 2:04

Oh, Those Roads (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Smolny Cathedral Chamber Choir – 3:54

A Chance Waltz (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Sergey Muravyov – 3:18

In the Dugout (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Sergey Muravyov – 2:31

The Sacred Stone (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Vitaly Psaryov – 5:30

The Little Accordion (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Sergey Muravyov – 3:34

Dark Night (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Smolny Cathedral Chamber Choir – 4:29

The Road to Berlin (arr. Y. Poteenko) by Sergey Muravyov – 2:05

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