Galina Ustvolskaya: Chamber Music


Catalogue Number: NF/PMA 99122
Number of Discs: 1
Date/Runtime: Time: 71 mins stereo
Barcode: 5055354481222
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Galina Ustvolskaya: Chamber Music

Mikhail Waiman (violin)
Oleg Malov (piano)
Maria Karandashova (piano)
Oleg Stolpner (cello)

Shostakovich highly appreciated her music, and predicted her worldwide recognition. In his String Quartet No. 5 and in Suite on Words by Michelangelo (No. 9) he used the second theme from the finale of Trio for clarinet, violin, and piano by Ustvolskaya. He wrote in a letter to her, “it’s not you that are under my influence, but I’m under yours.”

  • Sonata for Piano (1947) 9:11
  • Octet: Two Oboes, Four Violins, Timpani, Piano
    (1949) 16:54
  • Sonata for Violin & Piano (1952) 17:05
  • Grand Duet for Piano & Cello (1959) 26:46

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