Vadim Nikolayevich Salmanov: Works for Choir


Leningrad Radio/TV Choir
Grigory Sandler

Catalogue Number: NFPMA 99156
Number of Discs: 1CD
Date/Runtime: Time: 73:27 stereo 1968-85 Leningrad Studios
Barcode: 5055354481567


“The remarkable quality about his playing is his depth of understanding.” –Elliott Carter
“The best Beethoven pianist in the business.” –High Fidelity
“Parnassus is undertaking excellent work in making available these recitals and I hope their plea for more previously unreleased Lateiner performances is heeded.” –Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International

Rus: Lyrical Choruses: Verses by Russian Poets (female voices) (1968)
[1] I. Rus (Mother Russia). Words by Ivan Bunin 2:50
[2] II. Swallow’s Song. Words by Apollon Maikov 1:34
[3] III. Night. Words by Ivan Nikitin 2:54
[4] IV. Spring Well. Words by Ivan Bunin 1:45
[5] V. Sunrise. Words by Apollon Maikov 1:25
[6] VI. In Autumn. Words by Ivan Bunin 1:58
[7] VII. House-Warming. Words by Ivan Bunin 1:49
Five Choruses to Words by Czech Poets for mixed voices (1976)
[8] I. Bayonets and Helmets to Re-melting. Words by Alexander Ram 2:55
[9] II. Autumn. Words by Miroslav Florian 2:45
[10] III. Poetry. Words by Milan Rufus 2:00
[11] IV. The Blues of Her Tears. Words by Josef Kainar 3:05
[12] V. Guitar. Words by Miroslav Florian 2:41
Three choruses, words by Nikolai Rubtsov for male voices (1977)
[13] I. The Old Road 2:54 [14] II. The First Snow 1:08
[15] III. My Soul will Cherish 2:08
Three Russian Songs for mixed voices, Traditional words (1968)
[16] I. White and Rosy 3:26 [17] II. Shall I Go, Out of Grief 4:02
[18] III. Sidor Polikarpovich 2:21
Eight-Line Stanzas, words: Rasul Gamzatov for mixed voices (1962)
[19] I. The Book of Life 1:40 [20] II. You Want to Know 2:04
[21] III. Old Friend of Mine 3:01 [22] IV. How Goes it? 1:24
[23] V. Where To ? 2:04 [24] VI. The Summit 2:45
Swan Ladylove. Concerto for mixed Choir. Trad. words (1966)
[25] I. Is it High, Yea, is it High 4:09 [26] II. Wild Winds 2:06
[27] III. O My Hazes 3:30 [28] IV. They’ve Taken Our Sister Away 2:00
[29] V. The She-Swan Drank Water by the Sea 4:25

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