Vitezlav Novak: Piano Music


Vitezlav Novak: Piano Music

Radoslav Kvapil

Catalog Number: ALC 1113
Number of Discs: CD 1
Released: January 2011


“This is a rare bird indeed – a very recent recording from that grandee of Czech music: Radoslav Kvapil. May there be many more for his powers have not waned. … Miraculously sure-footed and full of insight. Kvapil is a virtuoso of dexterity, mood and narrative.”
— Rob Barnett, Musicweb International

Never before available – this new recording by acclaimed virtuoso pianist Radoslav Kvapil, the luminary of Czech piano music, brings together a selection of solo piano works by twentieth century Czech composer Vi­tezlav Novak.

Vi­tezslav Novak

Sonata Eroica, Op. 24

  • I. Allegro patetico 13:31
  • 2. Andante mesto – Allegro energico 12:33

Songs of Winter Nights, Op. 30

  • I. Pisen mesicní noci (Song of a moonlit night) – Andante amoroso 4:12
  • II. Pisen bourlive noci (Song of a stormy night) – Allegro tempestuoso 2:33
  • III. Pisen vánocni noci (Song of Christmas night) – Andante misterioso 6:00
  • IV. Pisen noci karnevalove (Song of a carnival night) – Allegro burlesco 4:35

Slovak Suite, Op. 32

  • I. V kostele – Andante 5:26
  • II. Mezi detmi – Vivace, giocoso 4:19

III. Zamilovaní – Andante con moto 4:39
IV. U muziky – Allegro strepitoso 4:33
V. V noci – Andante con tenerezza 7:38
Valachian Dances, Op. 34 – No. 2: Dymák (Con fuoco) 6:14
Radoslav Kvapil, piano

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 12.2 × 13.5 × 2 cm


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