Purcell- in Court …and Tavern !


Purcell- in Court …and Tavern !

Collegeum Aureum
Mark Brown

Catalogue Number: ALC 1143
Number of Discs: 1
Date/Runtime: 63:14 stereo 1976


“Texts included : as they should be, of course. But some will, I fear, not approve (them). Its anthology (includes) the less polite secular music of the 17th century reminds us that the madrigal cult then was only one side of the coin…The result is usually fun, no more and no less. …It was in truth, tavern music, sometimes for strictly male company, and its robustness is highly enjoyable…. So, gentlemen, a disc for a stag night. Do enjoy it” (Gramophone). The rest, in contrast, includes dramatic and beautiful works written for Court stage and concert hall.

OEDIPUS (Incidental Music)

  • 1. a) Hear Ye Sullen Powers Soloists: D.Thomas, K.Smith, I.Partridge
    b) Music For A While Soloist: J.Griffett
    c) Come Away, Do Not Stay
    Soloists: D.Thomas, I Partridge, J.Lewington 9:17


  • 2. a) Christchurch Bells Trio: J.Griffett, J.Lewington, I Thompson
    b) I Gave Her Cakes And Ale 2:29
  • 3. ‘Tis Wine Was Made To Rule The Day Soloist: J.Griffett 5:13
  • 4. a) He That Drinks Is Immortal Trio: J.Griffett, J.Lewington, I.Thompson
    b) Tom The Taylor
    c) Sir Walter Enjoying His Damsel 3:31


  • 5. So! When The Glitt’ring Queen of Night Soloist: J.Griffett
    (from the Yorkshire Feast Song) 4:30
  • 6. Arise Ye Subterranean Winds Soloist: D.Thomas 3:24


  • 7. Lost Is My Quiet For Ever Duet: I.Partridge, D.Thomas 4:13
  • 8. When The Cock Begins To Crow Trio: K.Smith, J.Griffett, D.Thomas 2:34


  • 9. a) My Lady’s Coachman John
    Trio: J.Griffett, J.Lewington, I.Thompson
    b) As Roger Last Night


  • 10. Hark, How The Wild Musicians Soloists: I.Partridge, B.Etheridge 7:15
  • 11. Not All My Torments Soloist: P.Esswood 2:37
  • 12. Yes, Daphne Soloist: J.Griffett (from Act V – The Fairy Queen) 3:38
  • 13. Laudate Cecilium Soloists: D.Thomas, I.Partridge, K.Smith
    (Hymn for St. Cecilia’s Day) Duet: D.James, J Lewington 11:21

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 12.2 × 13.5 × 2 cm