Monteverdi: Madrigale Erotici e Spirituale


Monteverdi: Madrigale Erotici e Spirituale

Consort of Musicke,
directed by Anthony Rooley
Emma Kirkby, Evelyn Tubb ,
Mary Nichols, Andrew King,
Joseph Cornwell, Simon Grant

Catalogue Number: ALC 1160
Number of Discs: 1
Date/Runtime: Time: 61:10, DDD 1992/3 Italy


“The performances of the madrigali erotici are more overtly impassioned than I have ever heard before…thoroughly ingenious recital” (Gramophone) “a gem of its type. Performances are powerful, direct, accurate, totally in tune and totally committed. I quote ‘What was outward, erotic and theatrical became inward, devotional and thoroughly christianised.’ So, highly enjoyable recordings and fascinating insight into the painstaking art of not allowing the Devil to have the best tunes !” (MusicWeb)

  • 1. Quel augellin che canta (EK ET JC AK SG) 2:06
  • 2. Qui laudes (EK ET JC AK SG) 2:25
  • 3. Sfogava con le stelle (EK ET MN JC SG) 3:52
  • 4. O stellae (EK ET MN JC SG) 3:36
  • 5. Armato il cor (JC AK AR) 2:41
  • 6. Heu bone vir (EK ET AR) 2:58
  • 7. Parlo miser’o taccio (EK ET MN AR) 5:02
  • 8. Longe, mi Jesu (JC AK SG GM) 5:36
  • 9. Pianto della madonna (ET MN JC AK SG) 13:38
  • 10. Piagn’e sospira (EK ET MN AK SG) 3:48
  • 11. Plorat amare (EK ET MN AK SG) 4:01
  • 12. Si ch’io vorrei morire (ET MN JC AK SG) 3:10
  • 13. O Jesu, mea vita (ET MN JC AK SG) 3:23
  • 14. Io mi son giovinetta (EK ET MN JC AK SG) 2:09
  • 15. Rutilante in nocte (EK ET MN JC AK SG) 2:36

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 12.2 × 13.5 × 2 cm