Carl Nielsen (1865-1931) Complete Concertos


Carl Nielsen (1865-1931) Complete Concertos
Violin – Clarinet – Flute
Saeka Matsuyama (vln)
John McCaw (Clt)
Jennifer Stinton (Fl)

Catalogue Number: ALC 1288
Number of Discs: 1
Date/Runtime: DDD, 1991, 1999: 78:05 ADD stereo 1971 (Clarinet)


“The Violin Concerto here appears packed with uproarious character and dreamy but not overheated fantasy. Matsuyama spares nothing in her commitment and her projection of character. This collection is from a repertoire point of view a natural coupling at bargain price. New-comers will do themselves no harm at all by snapping it up” (MusicWeb) “…stunning performance of Nielsen’s still too little known Violin Concerto…..soloist attacks that last movement with an uplifting rhythmic lilt and a certain rustic vigour … (she) adapts perfect intonation and fearlessly conquers the first movement’s virtuoso passages. Given a perfectly idiomatic accompaniment… the result is as fine a version as any.” (©David Hurwitz in Classics Today).

    Violin Concerto: Saeka Matsuyama [34:29]
    Odense Symphony Orchestra, conductor Jan Wagner

  • [1] Praeludium (Largo) – Allegro cavalleresco 18:24
  • [2] Poco adagio – Rondo (Allegro scherzando) 16:05
  • Clarinet Concerto: John McCaw [25:36]
    New Philharmonia Orchestra, conductor Raymond Leppard

  • [3] (4 sections, one movement) 25:32
  • Flute Concerto: Jennifer Stinton [17:43]
    Scottish Chamber Orchestra, conductor Steuart Bedford

  • [4] Allegro moderato 10:37
  • [5] Allegretto-adagio ma non troppo – allegretto
    – tempo di marcia
  • 7:06

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