Lumbye: The Strauss of Scandinavia


Lumbye: The Strauss of Scandinavia
Favourite Waltzes, Galops & Polkas

Odense Symphony
Peter Guth

Catalogue Number: ALC 1333
Number of Discs: 1
Date/Runtime: DDD, 1989-93 Time 76:38
Barcode: 5055354413339


“superb collection offers 76 minutes of the composer’s best music, with wonderfully spontaneous performances demonstrating above all its elegance and gentle grace…the unforgettable Copenhagen Steam Railway Galop ..the most endearing of musical railway evocations… superbly entertaining disc….lovely bloom to the whole programme” “energetic selection of sparkling Lumbye repertoire, splendidly played with much spirit by the excellent Odense Orchestra under Guth. Velocipedes ..engagingly vivacious, and the Cannons Galop has spectacular effects. Memories from Vienna has a particularly winning lilt… (Penguin Guide 3 stars)

    1] Salute to August Bournonville 1:58
    (Salut for August Bournonville)
    [2] Amelie Waltz (Amelie vals) 9:59
    [3] Columbine Polka Mazurka 3:36
    [4] Queen Louise’s Waltz (Dronning Louses vals) 5:36
    [5] The Copenhagen Steam Railway Galop 3:42
    (Kjøbenhavns Jernbane damp galop)
    [6] Memories from Vienna (Erinnerungen an Wien) Valse 8:58
    [7] Final Galop from the Ballet “The Guard of Amager” 3:11
    (Finalegalop fra balletten “Livjaegerne på Amager”)
    [8] Britta Polka 2:17
    [9] Sophie Valse 7:09
    [10] Velocipedes Galop 2:01
    [11] Victoria Quadrille 6:39
    [12] King George I March of Honour 3:04
    [13] Cannon (Kanonen) Galop 2:13
    [14] Pictures from a Dream (Drømmebilleder) 9:18
    [15] Final Galop from the Ballet “Napoli” 4:28
    (Finalegalop fra balletten “Napoli”)
    [16] Champagne Galop 2:23

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 12.2 × 13.5 × 2 cm