Frederick Delius: 11 Favourites


Frederick Delius: 11 Favourites

Sir Thomas Beecham
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Catalogue Number: ALC 1374
Number of Discs: 1
Date/Runtime: Time 75:15, stereo, 1957/62
Barcode: 5055354413742
Price: £6.99


“Contains Delius’ most essential statements. Summer Night on the River, On Hearing the First Cuckoo, Brigg Fair and the Irmelin Prelude are simply magical in their effect, and Beecham’s interpretations arise out of the depths of the music itself … passages such as the introduction to Brigg Fair, seem to be outside time, one yet again wonders at the poetic rightness of every nuance, the delicately exact textural balance. His identification with the composer is so complete that one is not sure whom to credit for some features … This (collection) must surely be recognised as a gem. Sleigh Ride and the Marche Caprice are entertaining enough , but all the rest are wonderful Delius – and conducted by someone who has remained the one and only Delius interpreter. Each performance is superb.” (Gramophone)


    • [1] A Song Before Sunrise 5:58


    • [2] On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring 6:51


    • (No.1 of ‘Two Pieces for Small Orchestra’)


    • [3] La Calinda (Dance, from Florida Suite 1st mvt.) 4:36


    • [4] Intermezzo and Serenade from ‘Hassan’ 3:56


    • [5] Brigg Fair, An English Rhapsody 15:31


    • [6] Prelude to Irmelin (rev.1932) 4:26


    • [7] Marche Caprice (No.1 of ‘Two Pieces’) 3:46


    • [8] Intermezzo from ‘Fennimore and Gerda’ 5:02


    • [9] Over the Hills & Far Away (Fantasy Overture) 12:41


    • [10] Sleigh Ride (‘Winternacht’) 5:20


    [11] Summer Evening 6:12

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Dimensions 12.2 × 13.5 × 2 cm