Elgar: Violin Concerto; Piano Concerto; Polonia Crown of India; Civic Fanfare


Salvatore Accardo
London Symphony Orchestra
Richard Hickox
Munich Symphony Orchestra
Douglas Bostock


Catalogue Number: ALC 1423
Number of Discs: 1
Date/Runtime: Time: 78:27, DDD; 1991 / 2000
Barcode: 5055354419744


“(Concerto): Hickox unfurls the opening tutti richly, nobley, purposefully … no lack of brilliance, the fireworks are dashingly, tastefully despatched … sudden flashes of Paganinian dazzle”
(others): “The slow movement of the Piano Concerto … with a sympathetic performance from Margaret Fingerhut. Douglas Bostock is persuasive with his Elgarian rubato, which is what matters most.” (Gramophone)
“Polonia is to my mind, one of the finest works Elgar wrote … The nail-biting martial music mixes with spine-tingling Polish themes to reach a gloriously romantic and bombastic conclusion … a splendid reading by Bostock. The disc receives one of Classico’s best recordings to date with painstaking preparation in evidence throughout as his Munich players play with true commitment and dedication” (MusicWeb)

Violin Concerto in B minor, Op.61 (1910) [46:47]
[1] I. Allegro 16:53
[2] II. Andante 11:36
[3] III. Allegro molto 18:17
[4] Piano Concerto, Op.90 (slow mvt) (transcr. P.Young 1956) 6:06
(Margaret Fingerhut, piano)
[5] Polonia, Op.76 (Symphonic Prelude) 1915 12:47
The Crown of India Op.66 (exc) 1912:
[6] March 4:26
[7] Hail Immemorial Ind ! 6:33
(Mette Christina Ostergaard, mezzo)
[8] Civic Fanfare (Hereford, Three Choirs Festival, 1927) 1:22

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 12.2 × 13.5 × 2 cm