Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: Clarinet Quintet Suite de Concert, Ballad, Sprituals for piano




Koch Int’l PRODUCED: David Fine

Catalogue Number: ALC 1468
Number of Discs: 1 CD
Date/Runtime: DDD 1990 Time: 79:05
Barcode: 5055354414688


“He was very well thought of by Stanford, at the Royal College of Music; and not just out of sympathy with allowing a negro composer a hearing in London. The Clarinet Quintet (that pleased Stanford) also received approval from Joachim. It is a very agreeable quintet, most acceptably performed and recorded, and as easy on the ear as its more famous predecessors (Mozart and Brahms). Petite suite de concert: lovable music; Other of the piano music could have great appeal: especially so could the arrangements of Negro Melodies with their easygoing simplicity” (MusicWeb)

Petite Suite de Concert [11:50]
1. La Caprice de Nannette 3:21 2. Demande et Réponse 3:36
3. Un Sonnet d’Amour 2:42 4. La Tarantelle Fretillante 2:09
Virginia Eskin piano
5. Ballade in D minor (1895) 12:54
Michael Ludwig violin Virginia Eskin piano
Spirituals [18:19]
6. Take Nabandji 2:00 7. Going Up 2:46 8. Deep River 5:39
9. Run, Mary, Run 1:58 10. Sometimes I feel like a Motherless
Child 3:29 11. The Bamboula 2:25
Virginia Eskin piano
Clarinet Quintet in A [35:40] **
12. Allegro energico 11:54 13. Larghetto affetuoso 7:31
14. Scherzo 8:09 15. Finale 8:05
Harold Wright clarinet with the Hawthorne String Quartet

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