MIECZYSLAW WEINBERG Symphony No.2 & Chamber Symphony No.2


Umeå Symphony Orchestra Thord Svedlund, conductor

Catalogue Number: ALC 1472
Number of Discs: 1 CD
Date/Runtime: TIME 56:48 DDD, 1998
Barcode: 5055354414725

Weinberg family history and longer essay


“The lyrical Second Symphony is haunted by a restless melancholy …yet the result is in no way depressing. Chamber Symphony No.2 is a relatively late work and although it is freely rhapsodic, the mood is more positive and often songful…the nostalgic feeling returns in the central movement, but the atmosphere darkens in the long drawn finale which reaches a passionately plangent climax before its quietly resigned coda with a single tympani stroke resolution….both played with great eloquence and warmly and naturally recorded .” (Penguin Guide 3 stars)

Symphony No.2, Op. 30 (1945-6)
for String orchestra (32:31)
[1] I. Allegro moderato 13:22
[2] II. Adagio 9:34
[3] III. Allegretto 9:35
Chamber Symphony No.2, Op. 147 (1987) for String
orchestra & timpani (24:09)
[4] I. Allegro molto 8:53
[5] II. Pesante 5:02
[6] III. Andante sostenuto 10:14

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