Czech Piano Anthology II

Czech Piano Anthology II

Radoslav Kvapil

Catalogue Number: ALC 6002
Number of Discs: 6
Date/Runtime: 439 mins, DDD, 1991-8


Catalogue No: ALC 6002

(Dvořák): ‘Kvapil plays with great understanding ..deft and sensitive’ (Fibich): ‘An erotic diary for piano (Abraham)…played with great sensitivity and subtlety … haunting music, fine pianism’ (Penguin Guide) (Martinů) ‘there is scarcely a piece here without charm. Kvapil does not play them as a mere bag of sweets…..whenever Martinů gestures ..Kvapil knows exactly what the reference is and where it would lead eventually… Illuminating as well as entertaining’ (Smetana): anyone can take pleasure in Kvapil’s expert, sensitive performances, which touch delicately on the emotions beneath the surface’ (Voříšek): Kvapil’s enthusiastic performances stress the classical background …. much to enjoy’. (all except Fibich (c) Gramophone)

(Dvořák:Dvorak x 2/ Fibich / MartinůMartinu / Smetana / VoříšekVorisek)
Dvořák: (2 cds played on Dvorak’s Bösendorfer): Humoresques;
American Suite; Dumka & Furiant; Silhouettes; Valses;
Eclogues; Pieces op.52; Mazurkas; Fibich: Moods,
Impressions & Reminiscences; Studies of Paintings;
Martinů: Les Marionettes; 3 Czech Dances; Borová Dances;
Esquisses; Les Ritournelles; Fenetre sur le Jardin; Smetana:
MacBeth & The Witches; Salon Polka; Poetic Polka;
Memories of Bohemia I & II; Czech Dances I; Bagatelles
& Impromptus; Voříšek: Impromptus, Piano Sonata; Fantasie