Ultimate Jazz Classics: 2LPs – 1CD John Coltrane: Giant Steps / My Favorite Things


John Coltrane

Catalogue Number: ALN 1979
Number of Discs: 1CD
Date/Runtime: stereo, 1960/61 time: 78:53
Barcode: 5055354419799


Giant Steps (Coltrane)
Cousin Mary (Coltrane) 4:47
Countdown (Coltrane) 5:48
Spiral (Coltrane) 2:24
Syeeda’s Song Flute (Coltrane) 7:04
Naima* (Coltrane) 4:19
(*Wynton Kelly piano, Jimmy Cobb drums)
Mr.P.C. (Coltrane) 7:00
John Coltrane (tenor sax) Paul Chambers (bass) Art Taylor (drums) Tommy Flanagan (piano)
Album originally issued on Atlantic, SD 1311, 1960
Recorded May 4,5 (1-5 and 7) and December 2 (track 6), 1959
Producer: Nesuhi Ertegun; Engineers : Tom Dowd; Phil Lehle
My Favorite Things
My Favorite Things (Rodgers) 13:52
Ev’rytime We Say Goodbye (Porter) 5:45
Summertime (Gershwin) 11:40
But Not for Me (Gershwin) 9:44
John Coltrane (soprano sax); McCoy Tyner (piano); Steve Davis (bass) Elvin Jones (drums)
Album originally issued on Atlantic, SD 1361, 1961
Recorded at Atlantic Studios, NYC October 21,24 and 26th 1960;.
Producer: Nesuhi Ertegun; Engineer, Phil Lehle

[Giant Steps] “perhaps Coltrane’s most playable, memorable, and best-sustained record. The tunes are uniformly marvellous, riffs or steps or even melodies which have become integral parts of the modern jazz book” [MFT] “dominated by his soprano sax … the important thing is that both Coltrane and Tyner reduce the material to a couple of scales and ignore the changes, without forgetting to return to the main theme ..gives the music a suitably endless feel” (Penguin Jazz Guide)

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